Mourne Mountain Peaks:

All the mountains have their own individual characteristics and have been christened with an interesting array of names. Most have ‘Slieve’ as their first name meaning ‘Mountain’ in Gaelic.

Eagle Mountain: (638m) Well known as a roost for Eagles.

Slieve Commedagh: (767m) The mountain of the watching (meaning ‘look-out’).

Slieve Muck: Mountain of the Pigs.

Slieve Binnian: (747m) Mountain of the little horns (Peaks).

Chimney Rock: (650m) Modern name which refers to the shape of the Peaks (Tors).

Slieve Lamagan: (704m) Name referring to its long, gradual ascent.

Cove Mountain: (655m) Referring to a cave south of a nearby Lough.

Slieve Donard: (850m) The highest mountain peak of the Mournes, named after St. Domangard, a Holy Man who built a Prayer Cell on the mountain summit.

Slieve Meel Beg: (704m) and Slieve Meel Mor: (681m) Mountains of the small (Beg) and large (Mor) animals. Note the contradiction between Slieve Meel Beg’s name and its height.

Slieve Bernagh: (739m) ‘Gapped’ or “Broken’ Shanlieve: (626m) ‘Old’ mountain.

Other Places of Interest